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eat M&Ms to benefit breast cancer research! [26 Aug 2004|11:18pm]
These special bags of M & Ms will be on sale in September, October and
November, 2004. (the bags are clearly marked.)
Everyone would appreciate if you would send this to everyone you
know and get the word out , we can beat this thing. There are many
women who have Breast cancer. Let's do all we can to support this
cause. New Pink & White M&M's. The makers of M&M candies have teamed
up with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds through
the sale of their new "pink & white" M&M candies.


For each 8-ounce bag of the special candies sold, the makers of M&M
(Masterfoods) will donate 50 cents to the foundation. If you pass this
email around you will get no money, just the satisfaction of trying to
save a life. Please, pass this to every female and every male you
know! The next time you want a treat, please pick up a bag (now sold
in stores nationwide) - you will be donating to a great cause and
satisfying your sweet tooth. Please pass on to all your family and
friends for who knows- the life you save one day may be your own, or
that of a family or friend
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Maine `04 [12 Aug 2004|08:56pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Well, today was my first full day home from vacation to my grandrent's home in Tenants Harbour, Maine. it wa a very nice, relaxing trip. got to visit wit my cousins Brie and Katie and their rents- we went to Bar Harbour for one day, went on a Schooner tour round the harbour. we also went to a local parade because our grandfather was in it, afterwards we went to visit the Coast Guard ship "Eagle" and had our pic taken wit a very fine Coast Guard soldier. i got three books finished on vacation, all by Christine Feehan- my fav sci-fi romance author. had some quiet time a few nites, but not like i'd had liked to get. so in tradition of my last vacation, here are some pix:

Pebble Beach outside my grandrents' home

More pixCollapse )

so today i ran around to doctor's appointments and then washed my baby... here's the finished product:)


pix from Long Island vacation [02 Aug 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | busy ]

so my rents took their digital camera along for the trip to Long Island and so here are a few of the highlited pix:

Cupsogue Beach in South Hampton- a beach we regularly visit on vacation

More pixCollapse )

oh yea, and new journal layout and info. i'm likin the info i think, lemme know you're thoughts though. (oh yea, and i must give credit to anewcreation because as usual she inspired the idea)


vacation [31 Jul 2004|09:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

summary of the past two weeks pretty much:
- last full week of work at Stonegate Farms, i will certainly miss my job and co-workers
- saw the Phantom Regiment's final rehersal before competition Friday, amazing is all i can say to describe them. makes me sorely miss marching band
- went on my first date with Shawn, a co-worker, to see Boy From Oz in the city
- saw Stomp with Darron, Shannon(slt7288) and family in the city, awesome show and awesome company:)
-  left for a week vacation in Greenport, LI at my uncle's beach house wit my cousin's family and mine, with various other cousins and relatives making appearances throughout the week. i love spending time with my family. was really just a week of relaxing, completely relaxing, chilling at the beach, and spending quality time wit tha fam.
- saw Manchester United vs AC Milan at Giants Stadium. i looooove Man Utd, they're so amazing, and we were lucky to have amazing seats as well, hopefully some of the pix came out well and i'll post once i get the film developed. they drew the match 1-1, but it was the Champion's League so they went to penalty shots until one team won, and they lost 9-8 on penalties:-/ still was amazing to see them in person tho
- tomorrow is a regrouping day once i pick up my puppies from camp (aka the kennel, which strangely enough they love going to) and chuch
- work for two more days, last days of work
- leave on Wed. for vacation in Maine at my grandrents house, which has two private beaches. my cousin's fam will be there half the time we're up there and we're going on a morning Schooner sail to see the wildlife, should be great:) i'll take pix and post later.
- pack for two days, say my final goodbyes to friends
- drivin up to Rochester Aug 14th, movin in the 15th, RA training starts the evening of the 15th, cannot wait!!! not just for training which should be awesome, but also to see my RIT friends again too:D

"I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; for to have been thought about, born in God's thought, and then made by God, is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking." ~George MacDonald

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craziness [19 Jul 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

this weekend and this coming week are just craziness in both good and bad ways...
Friday i went to a Hanson concert at a bar in NYC... it was totally awesome. something that i definetly needed about now, cuz Hanson has always been the one music that can always make me happy. and i needed some happiness right now, cuz my life's in a bit of turmoil currently, but a good turmoil mostly.
Saturday i went to shannon's BBQ which was fun, lots of thier family and family friends who i obviously didn't know. but a lot of people from high school that i hadn't seen in a while, and some of my friends too were there, so it was nice to see all them. highlites were probly seein friends, playin volleyball & Nucum (grade school variation of volleyball, played with one bounce), and ultimate frisbee, oh yea, and spendin the day runnin around without shoes on (i don't like shoes).
Sunday my puppy Trixie ran away for the third time this week, but we found her just as the police were gettin ready to take her away from a house on the street above us (we live in a valleyishness).
today was work, it was tiring cuz some of the stalls hadn't been cleaned since last friday. we got another racehorse brought to the farm, but this one isn't hurt, he just needs time to mentally mature.
today i also got to see Adam. he was home for probly about an hr, and luckily i was around to get to see him, get some huggs from him, just talk a lil, got to meet his lil sis (she's almost 18), and found out that apparently he thought he couldn't go for me cuz he's 4 yrs older, but when he found out bout my date (have i mentioned he's like my over protective older brother most times) then he said "damn, then i woulda had a chance!" have i also mentioned i've liked this kid since i was 6 yrs old, when i first met him, but figured he always wrote me off as his lil sis, and he knows that i used to like him too.
gettin nervous bout my date on saturday... the guy's like 25-27 yro, somewhere round that age, we're spendin the day in tha city and seein a play, and it's technically my frist date ever...
sunday i'm goin into the city again with my friends darron and shannon to see Stomp, then i'm catchin a train to long island to start my long awaited fav vaca in long island at my uncle's beach house for the week.
nite now. hope everyone's well and havin a fantastic summer.


RA placement [17 Jul 2004|02:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

I am the RA of Sol 4 (North side).
My co-RA is Fritz!
our floor is gonna be wicked awesome!!!

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Forgiveness [14 Jul 2004|10:28pm]
[ mood | unworthy ]

"I have swept away your offenses like a cloud,
your sins like the morning mist.
Return to me,
for I have redeemed you."
-Isaiah 44:22

"Who is a God like you,
who pardons sin and forgives the transgression
of the remnant of his inheritance?
You do not stay angry forever
but delight to show mercy.
You will again have compassion on usl
you will tread our sins underfoot
and hurtl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea."
-Micah 7:18-19

Does anyone else ever have trouble accepting the unfailing forgiveness of our Lord? I feel totally unworthy of forgiveness, and yet I know He forgives me anyway, I just can't understand why.

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*smiles* [09 Jul 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

so... georgous guy at work, Shawn, asked me to go into the city with him next weekend. let's just say i've been smiling ever since :P

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Changes [08 Jul 2004|09:50pm]
[ mood | alone ]

well, i've hit a low. i feel i've lost one of my best friends. my sister/bff just left today for a three-week music trip to Switzerland, my Betta fish (Diazo) just died, and i feel utterly alone. i've turned off my Trillion (aka AIM) for a while. i probly won't be going to many group functions for the rest of the summer. i've hit a low, so the only place to go is up. this marks the beginning of my journey for cleansing, healing, and forgiveness. through self-reflection, Bible study, and spending time with my family, hopefully i'll be able to "turn over a new leaf" shall we say. i've become the type of person that i loathed in 8th grade. parts of me i want to retain, tho probly altered to a degree, but mostly i want to rejuvenate the type of inner person i was in 8th grade. right now i really don't like myself, and i truly don't think i have for a while now, but i didn't have the incentive to do a full-blown finding of myself. for those of you who are still with me, if you wouldn't mind praying for me, i could really use it, and i thank you for still being with me reguardless of how i may have hurt you in the past.

to those of you who i have hurt- i'm so heartfully sorry. i never ever meant to hurt you. i can't take the hurt or pain back, but i offer you my apology- i'm sorry, i'm so so sorry. i don't know what else i have that i can give you, besides the promise that i am trying so hard to change myself for the better now. i know it's not much and won't change the past, but hopefully i can be a better friend to you in the future, if you'll still have me as a friend. although i don't deserve it, and you have every right not to, i ask if you could possibly forgive me.

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doesn't get much better than this [07 Jul 2004|02:38am]
[ mood | blank ]

pretty much found out, in the best possible way from one of my best friends, that i'm a b*tch and didn't even realize it. there's no other way to put it. but i am, and i hate that, and i don't hate things cuz that's a strong word. i've turned into the type of person that i dreaded becoming becuz it's the complete opposite of who i want to be. worst part is i don't know how to change it, cuz i didn't consciously realize i was doing half of the things mentioned to me. she told me that i was this way when it came to guys, but i wonder now if i'm just like that in general, wouldn't honestly surprise me. i think i've been too busy trying to change myself to attract guys, that i havn't just "been me." so instead i've turned into everything i didn't want to be. ironic i suppose. also ironic since i've only ever attracted one guy, so i really don't know what to do now.

i need some serious "me" reflection time. it'll probly take up a lot of the free time i have left this summer, and this is my last free summer due to co-op starting next summer. but i suppose givin up my last free summer wit my friends would be worth it if i can actually figure myself out and change out of the person i've become. i just need to figure out how to do that now. pretty much, my only hope is relying on His guidance (which is another thing i've lost this summer and need to find my way back to).

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i'd care to forget about life for a while. thanx. [05 Jul 2004|09:41pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

yea, so damn. my advice to anyone: never like the same person your best friend does, nothing good can come of it.

so i have a best friend, we'll call her J. and i there's my good friend who i've liked since 7th grade, we'll call him K. (if u know me, u probly know the two i'm talkin bout, if u don't know, don't worry bout it)

tonite we had a movie nite at J's house, where i got to watch J lying on K's lap whilst he ran his fingers thru her hair. that would be why i left the movie nite early. i didn't give a reason, cuz i didn't wanna be like "i need to go escape my heart." and it sux cuz my friend joycee was there and renee` and i havn't seen them in like a year. and i finally got to meet J's good friend from her college. so i wanted to stay, but i couldn't, i just really couldn't. so i left and drove up to a park at the top of the street, while blaring some Jeremy Camp music. i turned the car off in the park parkin lot and just watched the lightning bugs coming out. it was a perfect time of nite for a walk, just dusk, lightnin bugs floating all around, too bad i didn't have someone special to share it with, and too bad i'm too scared to go anywhere by myself. so i just sat in my car watchin for a while, then got out and just leaned against my car, watching. i love where i live. nature = pretty.

the other part of this thing- J liked another guy, B, since 8th grade i believe. i met B in 10th grade, we went to him prom together, and we almost dated. so it's not the first time J and i have liked the same guy and gotten hurt hearts and broken feelings. pretty much, i'm feelin now a similar way to how she did then, no doubt.
i just wish i could find a way to stop liking K. if only life were that easy, you could just turn off feelings. everytime i think i'm over K, i see him again, and all the same feelings come back all over again. it's just something that won't go away no matter how much i wish it would. cuz i'm not good enough for him even if he did like me. i once told him that my one wish for him was that he found someone as amazing as he is, and that's not me. unless you know K, you'd think i was just bein pessimistic about myself here, but he really is a priceless guy. he's one of those rare guys that knows how to treat a gurl, always puts everyone else's happiness before his own, stands by his friends no matter what, and is probly the most considerate person i know. he's a real man, a true gentleman, as perfect as humanly possible. now i know he's not perfect, cuz human's aren't perfect, but as guys go, he's honestly as amazing as they get. and i'm not just sayin this cuz i like him, i've been friends with him since like kindergarten, so i got to know him as a person as a friend before i became biased cuz i like him.

the last times my heart hurt, it was a signal i was straying too far from Him. so i know i need to get back to Him again, i'm just kinda floundering as to a good way to get back.

so i'm done, goin back to drown my sorrows in my daddyo's homemade peach sorbet, Jeremy Camp, and listen to rachel's latest boy escapades. oh yea, and to shower and sleep.

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NYC- a day of firsts [04 Jul 2004|01:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]

so NYC was an exceptionally good time. here's the general outline of our Saturday in tha city:
- shannon/slt7288 slept over the Fri nite so that made for less drivin in tha mornin
- on the drive to greg's Sat mornin we stopped to pick up bagels
- greg drove us from his house to the Summit train station
- took the train into the city. first time i've taken the Morristown line cuz i usually take the Lehigh Valley line - waited in line for TKTS (first time doin that) for Movin' Out tix
- went to Virgin Megarecords store in Times Square where i picked up WOW Worship, the red album
- went to Toys R Us where i bought a black panther :) his name is Micah. his sittin on my lap right now. i love stuffed aminals, tis a weakness.
- went to Olive Garden (my first time there), where we all had the soup/salad/breadsticks meal and i had the raspberry lemonade (very good i might add), we all had the minestone soup (the only one i saw that said vegetarian) and tis tha first time i've had that soup, twas very yummy i might add. i concluded that my fav food is Italian.
- went to see Movin' Out (my second time, their first), loved it just as much the second time as the first time, tho the entire lead cast was the understudies since they do two shows on Sat. and the evenin show is generally a fuller house. but still a great show. i miss dance so friggin much. for those of you not familiar wit the show, it's a like modern dance set to billy joel's music but it has a storyline too. great show. highly recommend it. the lead cast's singer/piano guy sounds like a replica of billy joel (so just don't see a Sat or Wed matinee cuz it's the understudy, who's not bad, but the lead guy Michael Cavanaugh is amazing!)
- met me mum after the show, then we all went to Pig N Whistle (my fav Irish pub in tha city) for drinks, where me mum got picked up by two guys, which was highly depressin cuz i've never gotten picked up by a guy in my life, so we left after the Yankee game and soccer's Euro 2004 was over.
- went to Ellen's Stardust Diner for dinner, they have a singin waitstaff so it's a blast to eat at. had a virgin strawberry daquri (i can't spell) and a big house salad, shannon had a vanilla milkshake, greg had a oreo milkshake, and we all kinda shared drinks, twas fun hehe. only downside was we were upstairs so we weren't really in the action of all the singin, but still fun:)
- went to Colony music store, where greg got two books of sheet music. first time i've gone there witout buyin nethin! *gasp* mayb since i just bought the josh groban Closer sheet music there about two weeks prior...
- went to see Aida (my second, shannon's second, and greg's first time) wit deborah cox as the lead. she was good, not as good an actress or singer as Heather Headley (she was there first time i saw it, openin cast), but the singing was probly tailored a lil more to heather so. but i love that show, know pretty much all the words to all the songs cuz the soundtrack is awesome and i listen to it and play the music (which i bought at Colony when i first saw the show hehe) allllll the time:) for those who don't know the show, it's set in ancient egypt, a prince falls in love wit a handmaiden/slave that he captured, the slave was the princess of her former country, and the prince's already engaged to another princess which was arranged by his meddling father who's tryin to kill the current king so his son will be ruler. AMAZING show, but unforunatly closing in September *sniff*
- tried really hard not to laugh when me mum said greg could be our bodyguard while walkin back to the train station. missed wesley/perfectdarkness cuz i woulda felt safe wit him hehe (was kinda a sketchy area we had to walk thru at one point, not bad, just dark, unlit, and no people around, not comfortin in tha city when it's two gurls and greg)
- caught the 11:11 train home, drove shannon home, then crashed :) fun day!

see shannon's journal for another recap of the day if u'd like:)

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"The Time of My Life" by Mark Schultz [30 Jun 2004|07:57pm]
[ mood | inspired ]

"He packed his bags when he was just 18
To see a world he thought he'd never seen
But he knew when he met her
That she was the girl
He'd been waiting for

And each night they spent talking on the front porch swing
Like it came straight out of a movie scene
But one night she stepped out as the sun began to set
And when she got to the porch she found a letter that read

You're the only girl I'll ever love
And I'd do anything not to give you up
If I could only stop the world
When you're standing by my side
See I'm having the time of my life
Yes, I'm having the time of my life

The months went by it was their wedding day
A church on a hill, wedding bells rang away
She looked like a princess
All dressed up in pearls
It was her proudest day

And he stood all alone in a darkened church hallway
And he got down on his knees and he started to pray
He thanked the Lord for his family and the perfect bride
But he couldn't hold back what he was feelin' inside
And he said

She's the only girl I'll ever love
And I'd do anything not to give her up
If I could only stop the world
When she's standing by my side
See, I'm having the time of my life
Yes, I'm having the time of my life

Forty years went by and she lived most of God's plan
She stood alone in an attic, wedding dress in her hand
And she held an old letter written so long ago
But she'd never forget it
No matter how old

And as she turned to put the dress away
And pack up the years
He was standing in the doorway
With his eyes full of tears
And he held her

'Cause you're the only girl I'll ever love
And I'd do anything not to give you up
If I could only stop the world
When you're standing by my side
See I'm having the time of my life
Yes, I'm having the time of my life"

so that's pretty much how i'd love my life to be.
and thanx to tedpearson for suggesting this song to me. although i havn't listened to it yet, i already love the lyrics.
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meh [30 Jun 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

yea, meh. pretty much sums up my life bout now, for a few reasons:
it's a lil depressive, so read if u wantCollapse )

but on the up side of things in my life:
- goin to see Stomp (the play) in NYC wit the Tongs in a few weeks
- my Man Utd game is comin up in a few weeks
- my family trip to Greenport, Long Island is coming up in a few weeks
- i may start workin another day at work which means more money which is good cuz i'm broke
- only like a month and a half til RA training starts (can't friggin wait for that)
- hopefully  fatlittledory and felicia and i will have our girls weekend before the summer's up
- hopefully i'll get a weekend to drive up to Rochester to chill wit anewcreation (and maybe even findingrosie as well)
- going to NYC this saturday to see Movin Out and Aida (both for the second time) wit greg and  slt7288
- and 4th of july is this weekend, and that's my fav holiday, and we're goin to Liberty State Park ("we" being my family and a few friends) to eat dinner on a boat/restaurant and see fireworks</b></a>

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The Notebook [26 Jun 2004|11:28pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

so i went and saw The Notebook wit me mum tonite after work and church. it was very good, different from what i was expecting but still good, it's a movie i'd like to own when it comes out on dvd. it produced a lot more emotions from me than i thought, probly more than it should, i'm kinda in a shaky emotional place right now for a few reasons- some are unresolved issues, some is just stress, and some are just boys. but i'll review the emotions/thoughts that i experienced during the movie:
- one scene really made me want to get married, not today mind you, but it just made me really want to get married some day, not that i didn't already mind you, but it was just a really kinda real scene, like it didn't seem like a scene from a movie it seemed like it was an actual view of someone's real life. it was just when the girl rolled over in the morning and her man was lying there right next to her. just being able to wake up and be in the arms of someone you love and someone who loves you back just as much. i'd like that someday.
- then the overall kinda ending of the movie made me not want to fall in love. cuz it scared me, since we don't know what will happen to us when we age and what diseases we might get when we're older, and what's the point of falling in love just to loose someone.
- the end also made me want to fall in love, becuz it must be amazing to be sick, even dying, and you have your true love with you, by your bedside the whole time. it just must be amazing to have that kind of love with somebody.

i may edit this post and add on more things as i remember then, but this i'm tired and so i'm gonna head to bed now. one day of work down, three more to go (i'm workin 4 days in a row... it's just tough work everyday, specially more so since the head stablehand broke his hand and will be out for 6 weeks min). good nite all. *huggs*

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down with boys :P [19 Jun 2004|05:16pm]
[ mood | upbeat ]

soo, my best friend/sister came over this mornin and after we delt with her serious breakdown cuz her mum is off her rocker, we got talkin bout other life things... so she gave me some tips bout boys, and seeing as she is like the queen of snagging guys (aka. she had 3 boyfriends at once... now although i'd never go that far, it just gives ya an idea), so i'm gonna try out her advice, it's actually advice that she was given once too, and it certainly worked well for her. but she also recommended this book which i'm about to order from Amazon called Kiss My Tiara: How Rule the World as a Smartmouth Goddess hehe, it's pretty much a feminist kind of book. so hopefully it'll help a lil with my self-confidence and my slight feminist tendancies;) righto. so, hehe, just to give you an idea, some of the chapter titles include:
- Beauty Tips from Mental Institutions
- PMS is a Powertool
- Our Booty, Ourselves
- Fish Who Need Bicycles (A Thinking Girl's Guide to Love)
so you can see it's a pretty lighthearted book, but apparently with some good points i've been told. so we shall see! should be some good summer reading after I finish up Beckham (David Beckham, former Man Utd player's, autobiography).

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dead fish [18 Jun 2004|11:55am]
[ mood | really sad ]

sooo.... most people know Malachi died.
then i got a new fish, Tristian. well Tristian died.
then i got a new fish, Touched. Touched got his name because his body was a medium-dark red color, and the biggining of his fins were red and the ends were a translucent pearlesant blue, and right in the middle of his body was a spot of that same pearlesant translucent blue. So my mum said he was "touched" and he was also a "special" silly fish (the same kinda "special" that i am hehe, you know...) so that's how he got his name Touched- cuz he had a touch of tha blue, and he was touched in the head. I really liked him, even though i only had him for two days. i put him into his tank yesterday, the day after i got him.
i woke up this mornin, went out to breakfast with my bff rachel, and came back, took off the cover i put over the tanks every nite, and found Touched dead.
Three fish died in a matter of a month, two in the same week. I am not doing well. I didn't even get to take a picture of Touched. he was so pretty...

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comments comments comments [17 Jun 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]

comment statsCollapse )

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down with love [12 Jun 2004|01:02am]
[ mood | lonely ]

damnit! why must i still like him!? haha... and wut jackie and i were talkin bout earlier bout wut we do round guys we like vs guys we don't, totally played out tonite, doubt she picked up on it, but now that i brought it up, she might be able to figure it out... *sigh* if only life were like the movies... then the guy you've liked forever would ask you to dance under the stars in the moonlight *sigh* if only...

"Every single time I see you I start to feel this way
Makes me wonder if I'm ever gonna feel this way again
There's a picture that's hanging in the back of my head
I see it over and over

I want to hold you and love you in my arms and then
I want to need you ´cause I need to be with you ´til the end
Then I hear myself reply you've got to hold it
This time, tonight

If only I had the guts to feel this way
If only you'd look at me and want to stay
If only I'd take you in my arms and say
I won't go 'cause I need you

'Cause I need you
I sit here waiting, wondering, hoping that I'll make this right
'Cause all I think about is your hands
Your face , and all these lonely nights
There's a feeling that's screaming in the back of my head
Saying over and over

I want to hold you and love you in my arms and then
I want to need you 'cause I need to be with you 'til the end
Then I hear myself reply he'll never let you in
This time, tonight

If only I had the guts to feel this way
If only you'd look at me and want to stay
If only I'd take you in my arms and say
I won't go 'cause I need you
Please don't go 'cause I need you now"


hehe... ahh work [10 Jun 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

so the newest updates from work:
- got another blood blister from a foal bite
- from last week, i got like an inch scratch surrounded by a three inch bruise... now on an average person, that doesn't seem like much, but on me the bruise takes up like half the length of my lower arm, lol
- almost sliced my finger up today wit my swiss army knife :P
- got caught in another thunderstorm whilst bringing in horses... actually more accurate is that another thunderstorm popped up when all the horses were out, so when the rain hit we had to go out into the rain to bring all the horses in

so i came home from work today drenched, too a shower, ate a lil brownie ring and had a nice cup of hot tea whilst i curled up with my blankey and teddy bear and watched Paycheck. Very good movie, i felt, tho a weak ending, just seemed too happy-go-lucky for the movie, i dunno, but i'd definetly recommend it. it's an action-sci-fi (aka futuristic... no aliens or anything, just set in the future a lil).

i also realized somethin whilst driftin off into nap-land after i watched the movie... the friends i made my first year in college, i couldn't honestly have asked for any better. i love them to pieces- sara, felicia, stacey, tim 1, dani, ryan, wesley, kate, camille, evan, chris 2, tim 2, rick, matt, dave, vinnie mac, dan, timberly... even andres, bekim, izzy, justin, kristin, emily, sarah, steph who although weren't always around, they were always a pleasant addition to the group :) and for me, even drew... although he was/is the cause of more personally inflicted grief than anything else lol, i still value him immeasurably as a friend and am very grateful for all of my friends that i've made over this past year. if i'm forgetting any friends i made this year, i loves you too, it's just late and i can't quite focus my eyes on the computer screen so focusing my mind is an issue too. it's been a long day hehe.

well, my room finally cooled down enough so i can go to sleep in here instead of in the living room. so i'm gonna go to sleep hopefully to dream of the pretty guy from work :P as long as i don't dream about a certain someone again i'll be quite content, and if i dream about another certain somebody i'll be more than content :) (most ppl know about the 'certain someone' but i don't think most know about the 'another certain somebody'... if you're curious, you could ask, and if i'm in a hyper mood i might spill to you ;P ) nite. peace.

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